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Learn to play the piano

Do you need piano tuition to pass a music exam? Our professional piano teachers offer detailed piano lessons. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pianist, we can provide comprehensive piano tuition for you. We believe that a relaxed learning atmosphere enables an interactive and confident learning relationship between the tutor and the learner. You're sure to enjoy the complete learning experienced with our piano lessons.

Our tuitions include:

  • Jazz piano lessons
  • Classical piano tuitions
  • Music theory and personalised piano lessons
  • Music syncopation
  • Optional model examinations
Piano lessons

Comprehensive piano lessons

Learn to play the piano with our experienced music teachers in Plymouth. We offer piano lessons for all ages and cater for all learning abilities. We provide tuition for examination preparation, and also just for fun. We'll also provide the books you need to learn. We charge a small deposit for the books, which are reimbursed once they are returned.

"We started music lessons with Daniel in 2007 and not going anywhere yet! We started with my son. He was 5 years old then, and wanted to learn the piano (was very nervous). After just 30 minutes was relaxed as would be at home! From then, we knew we come to the right place. 2 years onwards, I started the saxophone too! I thought it was too late to learn, but Dan gave me so much confidence. Now, I play music at a grade 7 standard. My son is still enjoying and continuing piano lessons and looking to sit grade 6 piano in the summer. Can't recommend highly enough -A***" - Steven N N
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